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At H+K Architects, we believe that any successful project is the culmination of a strong relationship between the architect, the designers, the client and the space itself. Our company takes pride in not only providing strong leadership throughout the project, but also being great listeners, planners, and communicators.

A memorable design is something conceived, nurtured and developed as a team. As such, we work closely every step of the way to ensure that expectations are exceeded.

Working with both public and private clients, H+K Architects has been involved in significant academic, institutional and commercial projects in northern Nevada since 1994. Our experienced group is particularly strong in the areas of cost control, scheduling and construction administration, which are all vitally important to the success of any project.

Our architecture firm has managed over 600 public projects and countless private ones, each with the same approach – go beyond the functionality of a space to create a dynamic environment that is both inviting and inspiring.

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