Repair Maintenance Hangar

REPAIR MAINTENANCE HANGAR NEVADA AIR NATIONAL GUARD MILITARY The Repair Maintenance Hangar project was a complete renovation of a 60-year-old facility that included new exterior wall systems, mechanical systems, electrical upgrades and technology improvements. The Hangar Bay was reconfigured to allow for a new command suite as well as additional classroom, support and shop [...]

Repair Maintenance Hangar2019-09-30T11:21:56-07:00

Fire Station

FIRE STATION NEVADA AIR NATIONAL GUARD MILITARY The Nevada Air National Guard’s Fire Station is a highly functional, contemporary design facility housing administration, training, apparatus bays, sleeping quarters and emergency operations space. The building is designed in response to the Base Design Guidelines and relates strongly to adjacent projects while expressing its own identity [...]

Fire Station2019-09-30T11:21:24-07:00

Field Maintenance Shop

FIELD MAINTENANCE SHOP NEVADA ARMY NATIONAL GUARD MILITARY The Field Maintenance Shop (FMS) at the Harry Reid Readiness and Training Center provides improved vehicle maintenance support activities for the Nevada Army National Guard (NVARNG) in the Northern Nevada region. The facility has shop and storage space to allow the mechanics to repair the full complement [...]

Field Maintenance Shop2019-09-30T11:06:29-07:00

North Las Vegas Readiness Center

NORTH LAS VEGAS READINESS CENTER NEVADA ARMY NATIONAL GUARD MILITARY The North Las Vegas Readiness Center is a major readiness center for training and administration to complement existing resources at Las Vegas’ main National Guard installation. In addition to the Readiness Center building, the complex includes a security checkpoint building, open-air storage, and enclosed [...]

North Las Vegas Readiness Center2019-09-11T14:25:55-07:00

Vehicle Maintenance Facility

VEHICLE MAINTENANCE FACILITY NEVADA AIR NATIONAL GUARD MILITARY The Nevada Air National Guard Vehicle Maintenance Facility provides maintenance, painting, service and administrative functions for the entire fleet. This project not only had to be designed within the NVANG Design Guidelines, but also required several specific features such as high maintenance bays with vehicle lifts, [...]

Vehicle Maintenance Facility2019-09-30T11:22:31-07:00
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